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Events and news
Events and news


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Lane, Fürth
03.09.2018 – 06.09.2018

Jenaer Lasertagung, Jena
22.11.2018 – 23.11.2018

LAF, Bremen
28.11.2018 – 29.11.2018

Micro drilling of complex square hole geometries

The Precession Elephant 2, one of the leading solutions for laser micro drilling and cutting, offers the optimal prerequisites for realizing complex applications that require ultra-high reliability and precision.


Exclusive distributor of laser drilling heads from Steinmeyer Mechatronik

ARGES, the specialist in customized scan systems for laser material processing, has become the exclusive distributor of a laser trepanning system for micro-drilling and micro-cutting that was developed by Steinmeyer Mechatronik.


LASER 2017 – Thank you for your visit

Thank you very much for visiting us at our booth at this year`s Laser – World of Photonics in Munich and for your interest in our products.