Precession Elephant

Micro drilling of complex square hole geometries

The Precession Elephant 2, one of the leading solutions for laser micro drilling and cutting, offers the optimal prerequisites for realizing complex applications that require ultra-high reliability and precision.

Thanks to its innovative system design and control concept, the Precession Elephant 2 provides a very high degree of freedom in implementing customer-specific bore hole geometries.

One application where this flexibility is particularly important is the drilling of arrays of square holes, as are required for probe cards in the semiconductor industry.

The tailored interaction of hardware and software makes it possible to modularly combine process steps in real time. This enables the so-called drilling strategy to be flexibly adjusted to suit the drilling and cutting geometry required by the customer.

The drilling strategy can essentially be divided into three process steps: In the first step, a drilling channel is created that enables the advantages of the flowing process gas to be utilized in subsequent processing steps. Next a process sequence is configured via the Inscript® software that defines the XY coordinates, the Z-position of the focus, the two axes for the precession movement, and the attenuation in order to control and guide the beam to produce the required customer-specific geometry. In the final step, the attenuator is of particular importance for the precision work. By real-time variation of the beam intensity the use of the attenuator assures that edges and walls of each square hole are of highest quality.

The comprehensive control options offered by the hardware, combined with the user-friendly implementation of the control commands in the Inscript® software make it possible to achieve very complex geometries with outstanding results when using the Precession Elephant 2 to perform laser micromachining.


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Article „Lasermagazin”, issue 2/2018