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The ARGES R&D team, with its recognized specialists in the areas of optics design, mechanical design and hardware/software, will support you in the development of your medical system for laser-assisted treatment with their long standing experience and valuable know-how.

We invite you to take advantage of our expertise in the development of innovative beam guiding and shaping solutions, the design of mechanical and electronic assemblies, and the implementation of system controllers. The highly modular design of all our components guarantees a future-proof, flexible system design and a highly efficient design process.



Optical design

Our expert optical designers will employ their high degree of ophthalmological know-how to develop the optimum beam guiding and shaping solution for your system, from the laser source to the patient’s eye, and will support you with the integration and connection of your ophthalmological measurement apparatus, for example an operating theater camera or an OCT.

Their close cooperation with the mechanical design and hardware departments ensures the creation of integrated solutions that offer very good system performance while also achieving a compact design.


Our mechanical design team assists with new developments from the concept phase right through to volume production, and possess comprehensive expertise in the design of medical systems.

The integration of our machining department as an independent area within our mechanical design department provides enormous flexibility and speed in the area of prototyping, and guarantees the availability of parts within the supply chain.

To ensure adherence to stringent tolerance requirements, we prefer to produce complex components for scan modules and systems in-house on our CNC-controlled turning and milling machines in climate controlled rooms.


The hardware department designs ophthalmological scan modules, diagnostic modules (for example for measuring energy/power) and entire scan rails. The services offered by this department range from VHDL logic programming, circuit design, right through to the design of optical systems including beam guiding and shaping.

In doing so, we place particular emphasis on redundant safety systems and the integration of analysis and monitoring functions in order to ensure the utmost reliability of our systems.


A key focus of the software department in the area of medical laser systems is the integration of customized components, for example connecting an OCT module or programming user interfaces.

Hardware- and software-based safety mechanisms and test processes play an important role in the development of medical systems. The close links that exist between our departments ensure an efficient and precise implementation of these requirements.