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Laser micro processing with highest precision

The continuous development of the ultra-short pulse laser technology used in micromachining is opening up more and more application fields. With our Precession Elephant, we can offer you a processing heads to meet a wide variety of demands: from simplified micro hole drilling right through to implementing highly complex drilling and cutting applications. This innovative system features different system designs based on patented technologies and will impress you with their ultra-high precision and reliability.

Versatile Systems for microdrilling and cutting


  • 8-axis scan head for high-precision micromachining
  • Precise control of all axes in real time and on-the-fly
  • High level of freedom with regard to shape and conicity for customer-specific drilling and cutting geometries
  • Micro-drillings with diameters of 25 – 700 µm and aspect ratios of > 12:1
  • Control via the ARGES System Controller and Inscript® software
  • Flexible configuration and adjustment of the laser processing thanks to modularly combinable process sequences
  • Several process control options

Tailor-made solutions for your application

As a specialist in laser micromachining our customers take benefit from the combination of technologically innovative system solutions and in-house laser process development. We offer you comprehensive expertise in the development of tailor-made solutions for your application. In our laser laboratories we are implementing test setups, and produce samples using our Precession Elephant micromachining system along with various handling systems and USP laser sources.


Thanks to the versatility of our systems, they can be used for a wide variety of applications and materials, for example laser micro-drilling and micro-cutting of metals, ceramics, plastics, glass, gemstones, diamonds, and lots more.


As part of our laser development process we create samples for you and examine the results in our comprehensively equipped materials laboratory. This enables us to obtain important information on crucial parameters such as the achievable qualities or process times and creating highly practical solutions that offer you the greatest possible planning and investment certainty.

Application examples

Automotive industry
  • Drilling of injection nozzles in a wide variety of geometrical shapes, conicities, and aspect ratios for various injection systems
  • Drilling of holes and structurings for venting and cooling in automotive and turbine construction
Electronics industry 
  • Various applications for micromachining wafers and printed circuit boards
  • Drilling of arrays of square holes for probe cards in the semiconductor industry
  • Cutting of glass for mobile phones
Watch industry   
  • Combined drilling/cutting applications for jewel bearings in watches
Textile industry
  • Drilling of spinning nozzles of various geometries, conicities and aspect ratios
Filter technology 
  • Drilling bore hole arrays of various geometries 
Medical technology 
  • Cutting of medical products such as stents