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Optics and mirrors of the highest quality

Our broad selection of products includes all commonly available types of coated scan head mirrors, lenses and beam expanders. Naturally, we would be only too happy to cater for your process-specific requirements and needs as well.

We offer:

  • f-Theta lenses for all commercial laser wavelengths
  • tailored optical layouts
  • variety of beam guiding components
  • development and ray tracing tools

Demanding scan applications require optics of the highest quality. Take advantage of our long standing experience to correctly specify, select and validate the optical components for your application. Our development team would be happy to assist you with the design and layout of custom lenses and optics.


To minimize the spot size on the workpiece, a variety of beam expander telescopes are available to adapt the beam diameters of various laser beam sources to the aperture of our scan heads. Telescopes are available for all commercial wavelengths. Below you will find a selection of the most frequently used types.


For all commercially-used laser wavelengths, there are special coating methods available that enable the mirror thickness to be optimized for high dynamic performance without sacrificing mirror flatness. This is achieved, for example, by applying a stress-relieving layer on the rear of the mirror.


ARGES offers highly reflective coatings for all commercial laser wavelengths. These coatings are specially designed to withstand the high power densities of pulsed and continuous wave laser beams and meet the optical requirements of DIN ISO 10110.