The Koala is a compact trepanning system for laser micromachining. It is designed for laser drilling of holes with either zero, positive or negative taper and with a diameter from 30 µm–1.5 mm. When used in conjunction with an XY table, the Koala can also be employed in high-precision cutting applications. The patented operating principle is based on air-bearing-supported, rotating optical elements that offer a high service life and reliability. These, combined with very accurate precision engineering, enable a high level of accuracy and repeatability to be attained.

The laser drilling head is available to suit all commercially available femto and ultrashort pulse laser sources in the wavelength ranges 515-532 nm and 1030-1064 nm. If required, it can also be operated with both wavelengths through the use of a suitable lens coating. The Koala laser drilling system contains the entire control electronics and is controlled via a user-friendly software interface. It can be integrated into a control system via the RS232 or USB port. A software DLL, which can be implemented in C# or C++ applications, is available for this purpose.

Thanks to its compact system design and ease of use, the Koala offers the optimal solution for simpler drilling and cutting applications that require a high level of precision and repeatability.

Brief description

  • Approved optical design (patent pending)
  • Maintenance free air bearing concept for industrial demands
  • High accuracy optical setting movements thanks to highly reliable ball screws
  • Integrated controller concept for standard industrial communication and bus systems

Application Examples

  • Drilling of micro holes with cylindrical, positive or negative bore hole geometry and hole diameters from 30 µm – 1.5 mm
  • Cutting applications with a defined cutting width and taper angle by use of an additional XY-stage

Application fields 

  • Automotive industry
  • Aviation and aerospace industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Watch industry
  • Textile industry
  • Medical technology

Product matrix

Hole diameter30 μm – 1.5 mm
Hole diameter resolution< 1 µm
Taper angle*-10° to +15°
Rotational speedup to 6000 rpm
Maximum parallel offset750 µm
Parallel offset resolution< 1 µm
Adjustment speed parallel offset> 3000 µm/s
Adjustment speed angle> 10 deg/s
Laser beam diameter (collimated)3 – 6 mm
Recommended beam quality factor M2< 2
Laser wavelength515 – 532 nm, 1030 – 1064 nm or both ranges
Required air pressure for bearings6 bar
Dimensions270 x 260 x 135 mm
Weight11 kg

* depending on material and process parameters