Dual scan head with overlapping working fields

It is possible to configure each scan head for a different wavelength and process the workpiece using 2 different wavelengths in the area where the scan fields overlap.

The Twin Squirrel is available with a distance of either 95 mm or 115 mm between the optical axes at the beam output. When used in combination with non-identical lenses, this results in different sized scan fields, and different sized overlap areas for these scan fields.


  • Compact 2D dual scan head with separate beam inputs
  • Doubles the processing performance in parallel operation,
    or enlarges the scan field
  • Can be controlled via system controller or XY4-100 interface
  • Aperture: 6 mm, 11 mm or 16 mm
  • All commercial wavelengths


  • Applications in the field of electronics
  • Labeling of keyboards
  • Deflashing/deburring
  • Micromachining
  • Marking
  • Trimming
  • Structuring