Single pivot point scanner

3-axis scan head with a single pivot point


  • Deflection from a common pivot point, which is ideal for focusing optics with a high numerical aperture (NA)
  • Optimum numerical distortion correction using the point-symmetrical pivot point method
  • Larger usable numerical aperture on F-Theta lenses than conventional scan heads
  • Highly dynamic Z-axis for fast processing in complex applications
  • Increased mirror flatness for optimal processing results in the UV range


  • 3-axis scan head with a single pivot point
  • Monolithic, stable scan block design
  • Aperture: 11 or 16 mm
  • Maximum optical deflection angle from single pivot point: ± 28.5°
  • Outstanding dynamic synchronization due to the identical inertia of the 3 mirrors
  • Coatings for various wavelengths: 355 nm, 532 nm, 1020–1080 nm
  • Auxiliary coating for pilot lasers: 620–650 nm
  • Straight beam delivery, displacement in only one axis
  • Perfect optical alignment with minimal wavefront distortion


  • Coatings for diagnostic wavelengths: e.g. 850 nm
  • Fast, dynamic focus translator
  • Can be mounted directly in the scan block without further adjustment
  • Clear aperture 11 and 16 mm, lens travel 10.2 mm
  • Attenuator module for power adjustment with no loss in beam quality


  • Demanding industrial micromachining applications
  • Medical applications in ophthalmology