Stepper motor driver

Control up to 2 bipolar stepper motors via an ARGES system controller.

Brief description

  • 24 V voltage supply
  • Ramp generator for acceleration and deceleration phases
  • isolation up to 1 kV
  • connections for up to 6 limit switches, 2 stepper motors and up to 2 incremental encoders
  • up to 1.6 amperes current consumption per motor
  • high resolution thanks to microstep operation
ARGES Stepper driver

Rotary magnet driver and actuator

Brief description

  • 24 V power supply
  • connections for 2 rotary magnet actuators (e.g. for shutter applications)
  • rotary magnet position monitoring via light barriers
  • control via ARGES system controller
ARGES Rotary magnet driver and actuator