The OCTopus provides an innovative scan head solution with integrated process control using wave field imaging technology. It enables the production of high-resolution cross-sectional images and topologies and can be employed in a variety of ways for laser material processing and simultaneous process monitoring. This modular system comprises an ultra compact OCT base unit control component that can be integrated directly into an ARGES system controller or the customer‘s control system, along with a suitably configured laser scan head. 

The data acquired with the WFI can be displayed via the ARGES Inscript® software, or transferred via the OCT base unit interface and evaluated using standard software. Thanks to its resolving power down to less than 8 μm over a measurable depth range of up to 150 mm, the OCTopus is able to fulfil the most stringent requirements even for complex applications.

Brief description

  • 3D scan head for fiber lasers with integrated OCT system
  • Simultaneous materials processing and process control
  • Nondestructive and contact free structure measurement
  • Integration and visualization in InScript® software
  • Pre-, post and in-process monitoring

Application Examples 

  • Profile measurement
  • Distance and thickness measurement for glass or thin-film processing
  • Weld seam monitoring
  • Process monitoring for selective laser sintering
  • Joint line examination for plastic welding

Application fields

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Thin film processing
  • Glass processing

Technical specifications

  • Highly integrated OCT system with small form factor of 200 x 146 x 77.5 mm³
  • Up to 150 mm measurement range
  • High measurement resolution of 8 μm
  • 12 mm image depth to capture every detail in one shot
  • Measurement wavelength of 850 nm
  • Temperature-stabilized fiber system for high accuracy measurements
  • Scanner-synchronized data acquisition

Product matrix