Anteater is a very slim, compact and water-cooled 3D scan head for micromachining. It is available in apertures of 8.5 mm, 16 mm or 21 mm and comes with an extremely resilient and dynamic focus translator. This specially developed focusing system enables very rapid changes in focal plane and therefore high 3D processing speeds. With an aperture of 21 mm, the Anteater is optimally configured, for example, for microstructuring. The 8.5 mm aperture is ideally suited for high speed applications such as the “on the fly” machining of workpieces moving at up to 200 m/min at processing speeds of up to 32 m/s.

The Anteater supports a wide variety of customer requirements and perfectly satisfies the market demand for a fast scan head for 3D machining. Its slim construction allows multiple scanning units to be operated in parallel, e.g. with scan field overlap. A suitable space-saving, multi-unit version of the ASC-4 controller is available for these multi-scan head applications. 

The scan head is adaptable and extensible to suit the application and requirements (e.g. small spot or large processing volumes) and can be equipped with a variety of F-theta lenses. For specialized applications, a cross-jet nozzle can also optionally be attached to reduce soiling of the optical components, to increase the service life of the unit, and to guarantee process reliability. A vision system can also optionally be integrated into the unit.

brief description

  • 3D scan head for high-speed micromachining
  • Ultrafast Z-axis
  • Aperture: 8.5 mm 16 mm, 21 mm
  • For wavelengths of 340–355 nm,
    510–540 nm, 1020–1080 nm

 Application examples

  • Microstructuring
  • Microdrilling
  • Microwelding
  • High-speed marking
  • Marking with overlapping scan fields

 Product matrix