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Products and solutions for laser material processing

We offer a comprehensive selection of scan heads with 2-8 axes for a broad range of applications in the field of industrial laser material processing. Our products are available either as separate scan heads incl. controller and control software, or as subsystems complete with laser source and a tailored beam path.

A further key area of our business is the development of customer-specific scan modules and laser scan systems for a wide variety of applications and tasks.


  • Pioneer in the laser sector with over 20 years of experience in the field of industrial scan systems
  • Technology market leader thanks to our long-standing commitment to research and development
  • High level of flexibility with our in-house R&D department and “Made in Germany” manufacturing facilities
  • Application and materials laboratory for the development of customer-specific laser processes including preparation of samples and precise material testing.

2D Scan Heads

Our 2D scan heads are employed in a wide variety of applications in the fields of material and surface processing. With different scan head sizes, power ranges and mirror apertures on offer, we have the flexibility to find the optimal solution for any 2D application. Thanks to our wide selection of high quality F-theta lenses and coatings, we are able to precisely tailor the scan heads to a specific application.


3D Scan Heads

Our 3D high-performance scan heads are primarily used for cutting and welding applications. The scan heads have been specially developed for large work areas and offer a very good spot performance over the entire scan range, even over large working distances. They are employed, amongst other things, on robots in automated applications and are available in various models with and without a fiber connection.


Precession Scan Heads

The Precession Elephant and Precession Elephant 2 are world leading, tried-and-proven scan heads for high precision laser drilling, cutting and micro-processing of the highest quality and have been specially designed for mass production applications. The newer version, the Precession Elephant 2, offers additional functions, in particular in the area of process control and monitoring. The Precession Elephant scan heads can be used in conjunction with any of the ultra-short pulse laser sources currently available on the market.


OEM subsystems

Another key component of our service offerings is the implementation of complete subsystems for system and machine integration. Each of these subsystems comprises a unit with integrated beam source, a scanner, the necessary control architecture and software, and the beam guiding and shaping components. Thanks to the flexibility with which our ARGES scan systems can be combined with a diverse range of beam sources, we are able to produce laser subsystems that are precisely tailored to your processes.


System controllers

To control the components of the laser scan system, we offer PCI plug-in boards (NCC system controller) as well as the comprehensive range of controllers in our ASC product family. Our ARGES system controllers in a 19" rack are available in a variety of models for controlling either one or two scan heads, and with or without an integrated laser. Our InScript® control software is included with every ASC.


InScript® Software

The ARGES InScript® software is the user interface for controlling and monitoring our scan heads and the other components of the laser scan system, for example the ARGES System Controller (ASC) and laser source. InScript® is used to create, visualize and manage laser material processing jobs including all associated parameters. Thanks to the many detailed functions provided, you can achieve the highest possible scan head performance and optimal processing results even for complex applications.


Customer-specific scanning systems

Novel applications require application-specific tailored solutions distinguished by a special optical design, custom mechanical construction or specialized hardware and software solutions. Our product development departments support our customers from the concept phase right through to the finished solution and turn challenging requirements into innovative and reliable products.