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Remote access support

To enable us to provide you with optimal support when you open a support case, our ARGES QuickSupport program offers a convenient means of remotely accessing your PC.

Simply download and run ARGES QuickSupport – no installation or administrator rights are required. ARGES QuickSupport establishes a secure connection to TeamViewer Master and then displays an ID and password. Please tell us these details so we can connect to your computer.

Further information about TeamViewer

To grant ARGES remote access to your computer

  1. Download ARGES QuickSupport.
  2. Run the program ARGES_QuickSupport_en.exe.
  3. QuickSupport window opens.
  4. Wait for the LED indicator in the bottom area of the QuickSupport window to change from red to green. This will take a few seconds.
    When the LED turns green your ID and your password are displayed.
  5. Please tell us your ID and your password so we can connect to your computer.
    Note: You can terminate the secure connection at any time by clicking “Cancel”.