Sustained commitment to equality of opportunity and education

Being a mid-sized company with a strong international focus, we regard regional and global projects as equally important. A particular focus of our activities is the ongoing support of children and youth in the area of education. Knowledge transfer is the key to resolving many of the issues of our time and, in particular in the poorer countries in the world, provides the foundation for improved quality of life and more equality of opportunity. We would like to describe for you in more detail the projects we are supporting.

Plan International Deutschland e. V.

We have been supporting Plan International for many years now through our sponsorship of children in Nepal (Banigama) as a means of contributing to the promotion of global equality of opportunity. Plan International is one of the oldest child aid organizations.

For around 75 years now this organization has been championing the rights of children and their families. Plan is actively engaged in aid projects in 51 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and is politically and religiously independent.

Children are the focus of all the work done by Plan International with the aim of effectively promoting their independence, own initiative and self-confidence. Plan continues to reach out to around three million people in the 51 target countries.

Volkssternwarte Amberg-Ursensollen e. V.

In our regional area, we have been involved for many years with the Amberg public observatory which, through its non-profit-making work, has been awakening and promoting an interest in astronomy and the related sciences in both the young and old.

The Volkssternwarte Amberg-Ursensollen e. V. registered society was found in 1998 and is a not-for-profit organization. It organizes and supports astronomy meetings, presentations and courses.

Its purpose includes attracting young people and furthering their general education in the area of astronomy, supplementing the scientific tuition offered in schools and colleges, and facilitating the exchange of experiences through cooperative relationships with other astronomical societies and observatories.