Interesting tasks and challenging projects in the laser technology field
Interesting tasks and challenging projects in the laser technology field
Interesting tasks and challenging projects in the laser technology field

Previous diploma and theses


  • Material flow optimization in a medium-sized company using standardized processes


  • Parameter study of martensite surface layer hardening based on a polygonal wheel
  • Laser structuring and evaluation of cylindrical inner surfaces


  • Limit analysis of laser hardening with a polygonal wheel
  • Numerical Simulation of the Laser Hardening Process


  • Development and construction of a highly dynamic system for large area laser hardening
  • Laser ablation by means of ultrashort pulse lasers in the automotive interior area


  • Development and simulation of a de Laval nozzle for a clean laser beam welding process
  • Scanner-based isothermal laser hardening
  • Measurement of residual stresses using the drill hole method


  • Analysis of a state space control for galvanometer scanners
  • Large area laser conditioning of flat metallic surfaces
  • Tribological optimization of shaft journals


  • Laser remote welding
  • Laser forming of deep-drawn sheet metals
  • Development of a graphical programming environment for Motorola DSP56321
  • Fatigue strength of laser polished tempered steels (ARGES, HAW in cooperation with the Chair of Photonic Technologies, Erlangen)


  • Project management for process optimization taking project controlling into consideration
  • Conceptual design of a Corporate Identity strategy for the ARGES GmbH
  • Laser oxidizing of an aluminum valve (Master piece, HAW Amberg-Weiden)
  • Multibody dynamic simulation and optimization of a beam translator for focusing


  • Laser polishing of stainless steel
  • Laser finishing of diamond tools
  • Optimization of inductor geometry for magnetically-supported generation of laser beams


  • Oxidizing laser treatment of aluminum surfaces
  • Tribological optimization of plain bearings


  • Local heat treatment of NE metals
  • Surface layer hardening of stainless steel


  • Hardening of high-alloy cast steel
  • Laser structuring as a means of increasing transmittable torques
  • Colored marking of selected plastics using Nd:YAG laser radiation


  • Laser cladding of corrosion and wear resistant layers