Competency and know-how from a single source

As a specialist in laser beam guiding and shaping, we offer a comprehensive range of services for demanding applications in the fields of industrial laser materials processing, medicine and research and development.

Besides offering a broad range of scan heads and scan modules for a wide variety of applications, we also design and manufacture customer-specific solutions and implement complete subsystems, i.e. combinations of scan heads, controllers and laser sources that are precisely tailored to one another.

As a technology partner, we offer our customers and project partners support during their feasibility studies and evaluate the technical options for implementing novel applications and processes. Being a manufacturer with a high level of vertical integration, we can respond flexibly to your requirements when developing bespoke solutions, from design, software and hardware development right through to production. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and in-house mechanical production equipment enable us to quickly produce product samples and prototypes.

We also offer specialist know-how in the area of laser process development. Thanks to our in-house application and materials laboratories, we can assist our customers from the outset of their demanding projects by producing samples and performing material analyses to find a perfect and highly practical solution for any desired application.

Technology Consulting

technolgy consulting

We invite you to take advantage of the extensive know-how of our specialists from a wide variety of disciplines.

We can assist you with your feasibility studies, offer you recommendations for choosing the optimum laser source from the perspective of an independent system supplier, and jointly develop with you the best solution for your application.

Application Laboratory

With our comprehensively equipped application laboratories and demonstration rooms containing ARGES scan heads, laser beam sources and a wide variety of handling systems, we are able to conduct tests and trials for all kinds of materials and applications – from microprocessing right through to robot-controlled applications in the field of high-power lasers.



Thanks to the close cooperation between our application and materials laboratories, we can offer you fast and precise materials science analyses of your samples after each test series.

Prepared sections and images, produced for example by raster electron microscope, are your guarantee of an overall optimum result.


Software Development

software development

In addition to developing and technically supporting our own software components, for example the firmware for our system controller and our InScript® control software, our software department also develops customer-specific solutions. 

This includes, for example, the programming of user interfaces, or integration of 3rd party components and external machines. 

Hardware Development

The services offered by the hardware department range from VHDL logic programming, circuit design, right through to the design of optical systems including beam guiding and shaping.

Besides standard systems, we also design complete customer-specific systems, for example for medical laser treatment equipment. A particularly important area for us is the implementation of highly innovative signal processing and control technologies.

Engineering and Design

Our design team will support you with your development projects from the concept phase right through to volume production, and possesses comprehensive experience in the laser-suitable design of sophisticated components, assemblies or systems.

The integration of our machining department as an independent unit within our design department guarantees a high level of flexibility, short communication channels, and efficient manufacturing processes.



All of our scan modules, scan rails and laser scan systems are manufactured under state-of-the-art clean room conditions, and in compliance with stringent ESD and laser safety guidelines as well as RoHS and REACH regulations. 

Before being released, all products are comprehensively tested, on specially developed test stations and using standardized methods, by our qualified manufacturing team comprised of electronic technicians and precision engineers.

Quality Management

quality management

The reliability of our products is of the utmost importance to us. Our internal processes and workflows are based on the ISO certification quality requirements.

Furthermore, we employ state-of-the-art measurement and testing equipment to continuously monitor our entire manufacturing process right through to system acceptance, thereby ensuring the consistent high quality of our products.