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Shape with us the future of laser technology

Due to their versatility and flexibility, laser techniques have a great deal of potential – for example to replace existing mechanical manufacturing processes. With innovative developments in laser technology they can even allow novel applications. As one of the leading technology companies with our focus on industrial and medical laser processing, we are involved in diverse research and funding projects regarding laser technology in the role of initiator and project partner.

In addition to the development of new techniques and processing procedures, these also include projects for designing innovative scanning technology and accessories such as in the field of measurement technology, to name one example. Together with our project partners in the sectors of industry and research, we would like to expand this advancement in knowledge further and help shape the future of laser technology through a wide range of funding and research projects.

The following is a selection of our funding and research projects:

LARS(funded by: BMWi)

Process- and position-regulated remote laser cutting station for the cost- and time-efficient processing of high performance materials

Optolight(funded by: BMBF)

Photonics-enabled production cell for the quality-assured production of multifunctional lightweight structures made of dissimilar fiber-reinforced plastics

Polybright(funded by: EU)

Development of new technologies and system components for the plastic welding with infrared lasers

RoboLass(funded by: BMBF)

Construction and integration of a robot-guided  and galvanometrically driven mirror deflection head

SYNGAL(funded by: BMBF)

Highly dynamic laser processing of complex 3D geometries with synchronously moving NC and galvanometer axes